The Best Slice Toaster Inspection

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Min. Order: 1 man/day
Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Internet, Land
Production Capacity: one man
Packing: one day
Delivery Date: Report within 24 hours
Brand Name: Honor Inspection International Ltd Inspection Type: Pre-shippment Inspection
Inspection Item: SLICE TOASTER pre-insppection Inspector: Ames
Time: 2013-10-18&19 Place: Guangzhou
Export Destination: Russia
Must be without any unsafe defect for using and free of damaged, broken, scratch, crackle etc. Cosmetic / Aesthetics defect;
Inspection Item: Slice Toaster
The best Slice Toaster inspection
1.The construction, appearance, cosmetics and material of all units should comply with client's requirement / approved samples
The best Slice Toaster inspection
Professional Household appliances quality inspection
2.The marking / label on unit should be legal and clear.should be In the correct position and Text of illustration, instruction, label and warning statement etc. must be clearly printed in user's language.
The best Slice Toaster inspection
Professional Household appliances quality inspection
3.All units should have full function complying with client's requirement / approved samples,when test them base on the instructions.
The best Slice Toaster inspection

4. Scratch on back /side surface.
The best Slice Toaster inspectionLook look forward to serve you! Thank you

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