The Best Coaxial Cable Inspected

The best coaxial cable inspected Admin Edit

Min. Order: 1 man/day
Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Internet, Land
Production Capacity: one man
Packing: one day
Delivery Date: Report within 24 hours
Brand Name: Honor Inspection International Ltd Inspection Type: Pre-shippment Inspection
Inspection Item: coaxial cable Inspector: Ames
Time: 2013-10-19 Place: Linan
Export Destination: Russia
We check all items on diameters of main wire, braid, outer diameters (very important), type of shell,type of wires (BC, CCS, CCA, Al etc), count wires (check at least 10 pcs rolls of each type)

inspection Item: coaxial cable with power wire
The best coaxial cable inspected
The baest coaxial cable test in china
we check is cable round or oval. Also pls check that the main wire is in the center of that cable
Could you pls check cable with power cords carefully (need to cut about 25 cm from 2 rolls and check the power wires, they need to be smooth, without bulges). I added one picture with the same defect
The best coaxial cable inspected
The best coaxial cable inspected
2) 2 rolls of each type check on full length (must be 50, 20 or 100m)
The best coaxial cable inspected
3) client require our company don'tto measure cartons and check their weights, one picture with all boxes is enougth. Just check cables.for 1m length check view
The best coaxial cable inspected

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