Commodity Inspection Certificate In China

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Min. Order: 1 man/day
Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Production Capacity: third party inspection...
Packing: third party inspection...
Delivery Date: third party inspection...
Brand Name: HonorInspection
Third party inspection services in china: Products inspectin services companies in china

Honor Inpection International Company. Ltd are committed to providing professional inpection,

testing and certification service to our clients throughout China.
We have branches in Zhejiang,Shanghai,Canton etc, and the scope of inspection goods covers

Electrical & Electronaic items, hard goods, soft goods and chemical items, etc.
Honor Inspection has senior quality engineer for your company provide perfect quality control


We provide: pre-shipment inspection,process inspection, initial production inspection,production

monitoring,loading inspection,factory audit,quality standards.

Especially our price is very cheap, one man one day to do inspection only need 250$(all include,not

need bus,taxi,hotel charge).

As an professional inpection enterprise, our advantages as blow:
A) We have a team of well-experienced professionals and technicians of testing, inspection and

certification, and have a high efficiency management system, so we can provide inspection services

throughout China within shortest period of notification and inform our clients the results of goods

inspection promptly.
B) We provide comprehensive testing, inspection and certification services which cover all ranges

of market and product standard in the world.
C) Our Honest, impartial and professional inspection service can lower your risk of receiving

defective goods.
D) We will ensure that your commodities are compliant with the mandatory and non-mandatory safety

E) Good testing equipment and after-sales service guarantee your confidence.
F) Consistent in providing customer-centered service and flexible operations will win more time and

space for you.
G) Reduce your business trip expenses and other miscellaneous resulted from goods inspections if

carried out by yourselves.

We aim to provide our clients with more professional, equitalbe, convenient services at a better

price. We sincerely welcome your cooperation, if you need inspection, please contact us by email,

we will send sample inspection report to you and inform you the detailed quote timely.
With many years inspection experience, we have accumulated a lot of better factories. We are glad

to help you on it if you are looking for the better factories for better products, and you just pay

us a little commission on the service.
Please trust in us, and it is the reason why our company is named Honor Inspection!

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